Tuesday, May 9, 2017

OCC Sparkle and Shine Day 1

Today's lesson was all about glitter.  I am not one to use glitter, I always found it pretty messy and the results weren't anything I really liked a lot.  This is why I decided to take this class to learn new ways to use glitter so it wasn't a hot mess. I decided to try my hand at the technique taught by Jennifer McGuire.  She used die cuts and applied glitter in the background.  This is what I made.

I only have a few die cuts that cut out a scene like this that I could use the glitter in the background.  This was really pretty easy, now that I know what I am doing. lol It is a little hard to capture the glitter-y-ness, but this is really pretty IRL.  This is a SSS die cut and I used WOW glitter called SeaHorse.

See you latter....

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